Bali Indonesia Perfect for Romantic Weekend Getaways

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Have you ever been at work and had a vision of vacationing on a picturesque island that sits near the tropical equator, has pleasant weather all year around, and is a haven of undying culture and peaceful beauty? Your dream can become reality by visiting Bali. Bali is situated approximately 3 miles away from the west coast of Java, Indonesia, and is quite a small piece of land measuring about 5,000 square kilometers. The distance from the northern point of Bali to the southern tip is just 55 miles, and the total distance across is just 90 miles. Traveling around the island is quite simple with the farthest distance to any resort being about 2 hours away by car. Bali hotels are numerous and varied offering a good selection of resorts and villas with some of the best-loved areas being Kuta, Jimbaran, Nusa Dua, Sansur, Ubud, Seminyak and a few others. Bali has countless hotels scattered all throughout the island, and they are all generally acknowledged as having a broad range of services, facilities and products for romantic getaways. Within all of the resorts, you will encounter luxuriant foliage and sapphire blue waters along the beach. Barong Hotel Kuta, Alam Kulkul Boutique Resort, Dewi Sri Cottage Kuta, and Bounty Hotel Kuta are some of the favored resorts on Bali. If you are traveling on a reduced sum of money and you are looking for budget accommodations, then try the Ida Hotel Bali or the 2-star Green Garden Hotel among others. Other than hotels, there are also accommodations that are commonly known as Bali Villas. The choices of villas are numerous depending on your budget and preference. At the higher end, villas with a beach view or that are beachfront are fantastic, but, if you are on amited budget, some of the mid-class villas also provide a wonderful experience. Due to the fact that there is a lot of price competition between the many villas, there are opportunities to save your hard earned cash during your trip. Many of the rental packages available through villas include accommodations, food, sightseeing, entertainment, and in some cases, other perks as well. It's worth taking a look at the villa vacation packages since some of rates are reasonable and can save you substantial money in the long run. Bali villas are known for providing complete services including air conditioned rooms, plush bathrooms, dining rooms, with around-the-clock service which is suitable for those honeymooning couples who are in search of complete privacy. Bali villas are the right choice if you are after an impressive vacation and complete privacy. If you are headed to Bali for the beaches, the most popular time to go is in the dry season, running from April to October. The wet season is considered the low season, which runs from October to March, and the conditions can be quite rainy during this period. Although, some people prefer the wet season due to the large quantity of moisture giving all of the vegetation an extremely high growth rate and also offers a glimpse into the natural habitat of the thick tropical rain forests that Indonesia is known for. An attraction that might be of interest in Bali is a compound composed of a clan of relatives and includes a few small structures whose size, position and use are all determined by tradition established over centuries. Even though many foreign influences have affected Bali and Indonesia you can still find a unique variety of cultures evident all throughout the country. Getaway Lounge is travel and accommodation network which offers discount travel deals, romantic weekend getaways, discount family holidays, romantic getaways to their exclusive members. br class=clearp